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India’s Biggest Inter School
Quiz Competition

About Quiz

The Indian Army is conducting a national quiz competition which will be the first of its kind, of its magnitude in India. The purpose of this initiative, which will be hybrid - online and offline quizzing - is to draw the attention of students in schools across India of the role of the Indian Army in national development and transformational change.

The target audience includes boys and girls in the age group of 10 to 16 years - which roughly corresponds to students in Standards 6 to 10 - from the 1,50,000 schools in India where the language of instruction is English as the main or second language.

This initiative is expected to reach out to approximately 1.5 crore students across the country and their teachers and parents, taking the total reach to approximately 4 crores nationally. The format will be one team of 3 + 1 students per school with representation of girl students in every team of co-ed schools.All APS schools, Goodwill schools, Vidyanjali schools, Regimental schools and other schools associated with the Army will be enrolled to participate in this competition.

We expect a minimum of 15,000 schools across the country to participate. The competition will be three-tiered with the initial rounds online, followed by semi-finals and finals at the Command levels at each of the six Army Commands and culminating in the Finals at Sam Manekshaw Centre New Delhi on 3rd December 2023.

The digital platforms currently in vogue will drive engagement with students, teachers, and parents and traditional media platforms will provide the credibility to support the initiative. Schools will not be charged to participate. In fact, the Army has a robust plan to award certificates to all students and schools that participate and a range of prizes for winning teams at Command levels and National Finals.

The initiative is endorsed by the Chief of Army Staff, AWWA, and the Adjutant General's branch and will see the active participation of the Army Welfare Education Society which oversees over 400 Army Public Schools in India.


- Accessible to age-group 10-16 years

- Competitive structure covering the entire country

- Online and offline rounds to achieve reach and depth through the Command system

- Foster a spirit of competition and teamwork

- Content and formats that are engaging, informative, entertaining, and challenging with emphasis on the Indian Army's contribution to national development in the advanced rounds.






Co-ed schools must have a girl student contestant as part of the team .










• The team will log in and enter participant details. The three children from a school who take a Round 1 quiz will be considered that school's Official Team for the rest of the contest.

• All registered schools are eligible to take the Round 1 Quiz.

• Each quiz slot will be 15 minutes long, and each quiz will comprise of 30 questions.

• The team will sit together in front of the same screen and switch on their camera. The session will be video recorded and saved at the back end.



• The top 3,600 teams or the top 10%, whichever is higher, will move up to Round 2. The best team from each district as well as high-scoring teams across the nation will be eligible to play this round.

• The Official Team will log in; confirm participant details, and take the quiz.

• 30 questions will be asked in 15 minutes.

• The entire team will sit in front of the same screen and switch on their camera. The session will be video recorded and saved at the back end.



• The top 217 teams from around India will be shortlisted for Round 3, which is a Quarter Final Round.

• The quarter finals will be conducted live on stage by a Quizmaster at different locations around the country.

• Each quarter final venue will witness 3 stage rounds comprising of 6 teams per stage round, so a total of 18 teams will go up on stage. A written prelim will be conducted at the venue, and teams will be slotted into groups of 6 for the stage rounds. Each Round of 6 will yield 2 qualifying teams for the Semi Final Round at the Army Command Level.



• A total of 72 teams will meet at the command level. Larger commands will have more competing teams, while smaller commands will see fewer teams.

• The minimum number of teams at the Command Level will be 6.

• In commands with more than 6 teams, semi-final rounds will be held in multiples of 6 teams.

• Each stage semi-final of 6 teams will send up one team for the National Finale, so a total of 12 champion teams will be chosen from all commands for the National Finale.



• The National Finale will comprise of 2 Pre-Final Rounds and a Grand Finale.

• The top 12 school teams from across the 6 commands will congregate at New Delhi.

• The 12 teams will be whittled down for the Grand Finale Round.

• The top 3 teams will be adjudged as Winners, 1st Runners-Up and 2nd Runners-Up.


SCHOOL LEVEL - School Buses and laptops for SPOCS, mementos, certificates.

PARTICIPANT LEVEL - Cash prize, laptops, mementos, certificates, visit to army institutions across the country.



A quizzer since the age of 8, Kunal Savarkar believes quizzing is for all. He was a content editor for the popular TV game show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' in its first extended season. He has worked on popular TV shows like BBC Mastermind India and nationwide quiz contests like the CBSE Heritage India Quiz and the National Safety Science Quiz

He has conducted a quiz on Military Studies at the Habibullah Hall at NDA and has been a part of the only quiz show to be recorded at the illustrious Chetwode Hall, IMA. He has conducted quizzes for AWES at Pune, Lucknow, Udhampur, Bikaner, and elsewhere.


A polyglot and pedagogue, Seema Chari is an expert at gamifying knowledge. She has brought to quizzing a fresh mindset and approach that aims to popularise it as an activity and attract newer audiences.

She was chosen by Smt. Sushma Swaraj to conduct the Pravasi Bharati Quiz for NRls and PlOs on behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs in 2016. Additionally, she has conducted quizzes- for the Indian Air Force, INTACH, IIC, and the Embassies of Sweden and Italy; and for the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie.


3 + 1 [one extra student for back-up]

Compulsory participation of female students in all co-ed schools that are participating


A number of practice quizzes will be available online for children to familiarize themselves with the themes of the quiz and to help them emerge as winners



- Teach India is The Times of India's nationwide corporate social responsibility (CSR) and skilling initiative.

- Covering a vast geographical range from Andaman to Arunachal and Kashmir to Kanyakumari, including regions like Doklam (near Lachen River) and Dwarka, Teach India's teams will engage with 1,50,000 private, government and government-aided schools, including 50,000 schools involving physical in-person interactions. These schools, under the aegis of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and dozens of State Boards, are spread across all 779 districts in 28 states and 7 Union Territories of our diverse nation.

- Led by 779 District Captains, 28 State Captains, and 7 UT Captains, operating under 7 Command Captains and a former soldier who is now the Teach India CEO, this initiative is Indian Army's largest-ever school outreach programs since Independence.

- Teach India's pedagogues have crafted an innovative curriculum using proprietary pedagogy, nurturing confident, aware, and humble young adults who are both globally aware and proud of their heritage, contributing towards a developed India by the end of Kartavya Kaal in 2047.

Registration for the quiz is easy and will be exclusively through the school. The school will appoint a mentor - this can be the principal, a teacher or administrator - who will take charge of coordination for the duration of the series. This mentor will provide their contact details, including mobile number and email id. Once the mentor is registered, an email will be sent to them as confirmation. The school (through its mentor) will nominate the members of the participating team.

Battle of Minds is a 5-tier quiz. The first round is an all-India inter-school round, in which champions from 15,000 schools all over India will attempt the First Online Round. The top 2000 teams, based on their scores, will move up to the Second Online Round. Out of these, 217 teams will move to the Third Round, which is an Online Video Round. The best 72 teams in the Online Video Round will qualify for one of the six Command Rounds. The Command Round winners and runners-up will battle it out in the India Final Rounds. read more

The best way to prepare for a quiz is to read up about the likely subject matter over time. With the large amount of online content at your disposal, this could become overwhelming so focus on broad topics and deep dive into what seems more relevant to be asked in a quiz. Wikipedia is a good source for broadening one’s horizons. Reading a newspaper or two daily is the best way to keep yourself abreast of current affairs. There is some amount of basic information that you must know- for example the tallest, fastest, oldest, deepest, largest, smallest, etc of various things. You could make your own flash cards for such information! Participating in quizzes is in itself a great way to preparing for a quiz.

Quizzes are invaluable for team building. One of the primary reasons is that in a quiz team different members should (and always do) focus on different strengths. There would be one member who has a lot of knowledge about history and geography, whilst another might be much better with arts, culture and music, and a third might be excellent with science and technology. Thus, as each acquires more intelligence, the team gets stronger.

The team answers all questions as one. Only one answer option can be provided which means the team must discuss beforehand, against time pressure, and come up with one answer. This fosters the spirit of collective decision making. Over time, a team will learn to get this right more often than not.

A good team is one where members learn to listen. Quizzing by default involves careful and concentrated listening - to the quizmaster, other competitors and audio/ video clues. This allows the team to take better informed decisions.

Quizzing is a very inclusive activity- all can participate, without expensive equipment; physical size and shape matter little; just a thirst for knowledge. Quizzing also builds team spirit as it is competitive in a healthy manner.

Round 1- the first round of the Battle of Minds Quiz- opens on 3rd October 2023.

Round 1- of the Battle of Minds Quiz- ends on 20th October 2023.

You should take the online Round 1 Quiz anytime between 3rd and 20th October 2023.

Round 1 is open from 07:00 hrs till 18:00 hrs on each day from 3rd October 2023 to 20th October 2023 (both days inclusive).

All schools which register before the last date of school registration and nomination date (8th October 2023) are eligible to participate.

There are 2 mock quizzes available online which simulate the Round 1 quiz. We would urge you to take these 2 mock Quizzes with your team mates.

There are practice quizzes available for you and your team members, which have been on the platform since 24th September 2023. Please do play these quizzes to understand the type of content you will see in the actual quizzes. These practice quizzes are open right through the duration of this contest..

The Quiz has 30 questions. Each has 4 answer options of which 1 is correct. Please choose the option you think is correct. There are no negative points, so go ahead and attempt all questions.

Each team gets 15 minutes to answer the 30 question quiz. There will be a timer on the screen which will change from green to amber to red as the available time reduces.

A team can skip a question and move to the next one. They will not be allowed to come back to the skipped question.

At the end of 15 minutes the team will have to click on the “Submit Quiz” button.

The content is divided into 15 broad themes. To understand this better please do play the practice quizzes. The majority of the content is India-based. There is also region-specific content for teams based on the location of the school.

The top 3,600 or 50% of the participating schools (whichever is higher) will qualify for Round 2. Qualified schools will be notified via emails which will be sent to the registered email ID.

Qualifying teams will be notified within 72 hours of the end date of Round 1.

Certificates of Participation will be given to all teams that participate in Round 1.

Certificates of Participation will sent to all teams that participate in Round 1 by email to the registered email ID mail by 31st Dec 2023.

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